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Enjoy Freedom from Chronic Pain in 8-10 Weeks
Carlie J. Hardy, CSW, Pain Psychologist

No drugs|No Surgeries|No Medical Treatments

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Hello, I'm Carlie Hardy, CSW, a pain psychologist, ready to guide you on a 10-12 week journey designed to relieve your chronic pain where medical treatments and medications have failed.

We train your mind to rewire neural pathways.

The result is your brain releases old pain impulses.


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Chronic pain often doesn't yield to medical treatments or medications.

Using simple, proven practices we activate new neural pathways in your brain. This changes the 'pain signature' of the neurons so they fire differently, eliminating chronic pain.

Within 10-12 weeks, meeting for weekly sessions, the path is cleared for you to live pain free.

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We'd love to meet with you for a free, fifteen minute "No More Pain" session. You'll discover: -No recovery time. -Effective tools you can use 24/7. - Renewed confidence to enjoy life again.